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Rose Rosen Award:  Rose (nee Silverstein) Rosen graduated from St. John's University Law School in New York in 1927, at the age of 21.  She was one of only four women in her graduating class.  Upon graduation, she passed the New York State Bar Examination and relocated to Sullivan County from New York City where she established her solo law practice, concentrating in real estate.  She was the second woman to practice law in Sullivan County.

Rose met her future husband, George Rosen, also an attorney, in the courtroom.  Rose continued to practice law under her maiden name and eventually they formed the firm of Rosen & Rosen.  Rose served as second seat to her husband in several high-profile murder and felony trials, including the trial of Louis Henry Burns, an employee at the Concord Hotel who murdered his girlfriend and buried her body on the grounds of the hotel. 

Rose S. Rosen was a member of the Sullivan County Bar Association and the New York State Bar Association.  She also served as the Chairman of the Town of Thompson Democratic Committee.  Rose and George had two sons, Robert and William, both of whom became attorneys and joined the family law firm.  Rose passed away in 1989 at the age of 82. 

Recipients of the Rose Rosen Award:

1990 Susan Keiser, Esq.

1991 Hon. Elaine Slobod

1992 Hon. Lila Levy-Dino

1993 Frances Bilmes, Esq. 

1994 Hon. Anna Withey Gladwin

1995 Kate Dalton, Lorraine Ryerson, Hon. Elaine Slobod

1996 Hon.  Lawrence H. Cooke

1997 Safe Passage of Sullivan County

1998 Brett Linn, Michele Ellerin and Roz Magdison

1999 Hon. Angelo J. Ingrassia

2000 YWCA

2001  Glen A. Plotsky, Esq. and Myrna Rivera-Plotsy

2002 Richard Mandell

2003 Project Liberty

2004 Donna Benson

2005 Aileen Gunther

2006 Maureen Halahan

2007 Safe Homes of Orange County

2008 Elizabeth Holbrook 

2009 David Jolly

2010 Maureen Crush, Esq. 

2011 Legal Services of the Hudson Valley

2012 Hon. Steven I. Milligram

2013 Deborah W. Estis, Esq.

2014 Hon. Carol S. Klein

2015 Anne E. Hunter, Esq.

2016 Richard Greenblatt, Esq.

2017 Hon. Sandra B. Sciortino

2018 Jacqueline Ricciani, Esq.

2019 The Legal Aid Society, Inc. 

2020 Barbara Strauss, Esq.

2021 Hon. Robert A. Onofry

2022  Sarah Jo Hamilton, Esq.

2023 Children’s Rights Society, Inc.

Hon. Elaine Slobod Lifetime Achievement Award:  This award recognizes a member of remarkable personal and professional achievements, and to acknowledge long standing, dedicated service to the Women’s Bar Association and its mission. We honor Judge Slobod in gratitude for her pioneering leadership and her commitment to our community and our profession, and we celebrate her remarkable career and achievements.  In addition to being a founding member of our Chapter, Judge Slobod was the first woman to serve as Middletown City Court Judge, the first woman to be elected to a county-wide judicial office in Orange County when she was elected Family Court Judge, and the first woman from Orange County to be a Justice of the Supreme Court in the 9th Judicial District. In each of these roles, she has been instrumental in creating programs and services benefitting our community and improving access to justice. 

Recipients of the Hon. Elaine Slobod Lifetime Achievement Award:

2019 Hon. Elaine Slobod

2023 Hon. Robert A. Onofry



Outstanding New Attorney:  This award honors an outstanding attorney member who has been admitted to the New York bar for not more than ten (10) years, who has made noteworthy contributions to WBAOSC, and who has made outstanding achievements within the profession and/or outstanding contributions to the community.  


Recipients of the Outstanding New Attorney:

2007 Amanda Brady, Esq.

2008 Nicole Mariani, Esq.

2009 Michele Babcock, Esq.

2010 Kristy Horaz, Esq.

2011 Hannah Prall, Esq.

2012 Rebecca Baldwin Mantello, Esq.

2013 Elizabeth Cassidy, Esq.

2014 Lia Fierro, Esq. and Kaon Lai, Esq.

2015 Elizabeth Hunter, Esq.

2016 Kelly Pressler, Esq.

2017 Allison Cappella, Esq.

2018 Megan Conroy, Esq.

2019 Milana Tepermayster, Esq.

2020 Christina Randazzo, Esq.

2021 Rebecca C. Johnson, Esq.

2022 Cynthia J. Hand, Esq.

2023 Eve Lincoln, Esq.



Public Interest Attorney Member Award:  This award recognizes a member for her or his outstanding legal services and/or community supportive efforts in the public sector.  The member will have made significant contributions to the public through her/his volunteer or pro-bono work, or through her or his regular employment in the public or private sector. 

The qualified candidate will have demonstrated a commitment to one or more of the following public service activities:

         1)  providing legal services for, or otherwise advocating for, individuals including those who are members of underrepresented, underprivileged, vulnerable or marginalized populations;

         2) advocating for policy and legislative changes on behalf of underrepresented, underprivileged, vulnerable or marginalized populations; or

         3) organizing community events and/or building community awareness to help address the needs of such populations. 


Recipients of the Public Interest Attorney Member Award:

2007 Ann Hunter, Esq.

2008 Janet Haislip, Esq.

2009 Sharon Worthy-Spiegl, Esq.

2010 Risa Sugarman, Esq.  

2011 Karen Riley, Esq.

2012 Maria Patrizio, Esq.

2013 Cheryl Maxim, Esq.

2014 Hon. Christine Krahulik, Esq.

2015 Jennifer Echevarria, Esq.

2016 Lara Kasper-Buckareff, Esq.

2017 Clara Lipinsky, Esq.

2018 Ariana Antonelli, Esq.

2019 Sarah Maida, Esq.

2020 Gillian Menza, Esq.

2021 Kristy Horaz, Esq.

2022 Meagan Galligan, Esq.

2023 Hannah Prall, Support Magistrate


Distinguished Member:  This award honors an outstanding attorney member of our Chapter who has achieved professional excellence, has distinguished herself or himself by service to WBAOSC and to the community, and has provided leadership in the community or in WBAOSC.  

Recipients of the Distinguished Member:

2007 Rebecca Stage, Esq.

2008 Deborah Weisman Estis, Esq.

2009 Hon. Elaine Slobod, Esq.

2010 Maureen Crush, Esq.

2011 Richard Greenblatt, Esq.

2012 Sandra Sciortino, Esq.

2013 Hon. Karen Linen

2014 Jacqueline Ricciani, Esq.

2015 Christine Stage, Esq.

2016 Lisa Noroian, Esq.

2017 Phaedra Britt, Esq.

2018 Sarah Jo Hamilton, Esq.

2019 Michele Babcock, Esq.

2020 Anne Hunter, Esq. 

2021 Hon. Danielle Jose- Decker

2022 Hon. Hyun Chin Kim

2023 Hon. Lori Currier Woods


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