Judicial Screening

Judicial Screening

The Women’s Bar Association of Orange and Sullivan Counties is pleased to announce its 2016 ratings of candidates who have been screened for Supreme Court, 9th Judicial District, and the Orange County Court. 
The Candidates have been rated as follows: 

Supreme Court, 9th Judicial District:

Hon. Linda Jamieson:  Approved as Highly Qualified

Hon. Janet Malone:  Approved as Highly Qualified

Hon. Thomas E. Walsh: Approved as Highly Qualified


County Court, Orange County:

Hon. Steven Brockett: Approved as Highly Qualified

Hon. Robert Freehill:  Approved as Highly Qualified


The WBAOSC Judicial Screening Committee determines ratings on the basis of judicial temperament, legal experience (as both a judge and as a lawyer), knowledge of the law, and sensitivity to women's issues. 

The Committee may rate each candidate as: "Approved," "Approved as Highly Qualified," or "Not Approved." 

The rating "Approved" is reserved for candidates who have affirmatively demonstrated qualifications which are regarded to be necessary for the performance of the duties of the office for which the candidate is being  considered.

The rating "Approved as Highly Qualified" is reserved for sitting judges who are seeking election or appointment to a judicial office which they have previously held.  In reaching its conclusions, the Committee takes account of the candidates' actual performance, including all administrative, appellate or trial level responsibilities.